November 4, 2010

Can't Get Enough of TBA

I first discovered TBA when I purchased the Handmade Silk Collar Dress from ASOS.  Short for To Be Adored, I fell completely in love with this brand for its feminine silhouettes. There's something really whimsical that I can't get enough of. I feel like it has enough "Alice in Wonderland" for me to pull off in real life. Granted, I've never worn this out since I bought it last season, but when I do, I know it's gonna make me wanna sing and dance. If a piece of clothing can make me feel like that, it's a good enough reason to know that I not only want it, but need it, right? Below are some current photos from TBA's Winter 2010 Lookbook.

Photos by Siga Sig  |  Source


Carnivorous Seaweed said...

I love the red velvet dress with the interesting white collar. Which one do you own?

paperwhales said...

@Carnivorous Seaweed Hi Carnivorous Seaweed! I don't own any TBA dresses from the current collection, but I do own this one from their last season.

So sorry for the late reply! Thank you for visiting :)

Nina said...

Lovely clothes!


paperwhales said...

@Nina Isn't it? I think TBA is amazing.