November 9, 2010

Miffy vs. Cathy

Miffy won my heart when I first laid eyes on her. She is an adorable bunny character created by Dutch man, Dick Bruna in 1955. She is well-known in Europe and Japan, where her name stands as big as the iconic Hello Kitty. 

An interesting dispute arose recently between Miffy and Hello Kitty's friend, Cathy. The complaint is that Cathy, also a bunny, resembled too much like childen's book character, Miffy. This complaint hasn't been the first, but is coming up again because the Hello Kitty Online multiplayer game is celebrating the character's 36th birthday.

Even though Hello Kitty debuted in the mid-1970s, I can understand how Cathy looks so similar to Miffy. To me, Hello Kitty is as simple as it gets and similarly, I imagine that creating a bunny friend would be just as simple. Taking off the whiskers and replacing the cat ears with bunny ears, you basically get Miffy and Cathy. I don't know how I feel about this dispute because I can understand the artist's standpoint in creating a Hello Kitty-style bunny. In my heart, I wanna side with Dick Bruna because I'm a Miffy fan (as you'll recognize in future posts), but right now, I don't feel Cathy is much of a threat. In fact, I actually didn't know of her existence. Miffy is such a beloved character, I don't think any bunny or copy could ever replace her. 

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candy apples said...

I'm totally Team Miffy!! haha


paperwhales said...

@candy apples So happy to know this! I definitely will be posting lots of Miffy things in the future. Even though I'm in my 20's, I just can't get enough of her!

Cylia said...

funny:) in my country we call miffy : Nijntje! :) love it.