November 22, 2010

On Nina Sky

I was checking out MadeMe's Fall 2010 Lookbook and couldn't help, but notice Nina Sky's new look. If you don't know who Nina Sky are, they are a music duo from Queens, New York.  I remember back in 2004 when "Move Ya Body" released and they were rockin' bright neon colors, trucker hats, and arm bands. I'm not a fan of their music, but I am loving their current look! Their short hair looks so good that I think it makes them look more fashion forward.

I actually cut my hair short once in 10th grade and thought it was the worst mistake I ever made. My brother paid for that haircut to help me through my awkward years, but I ended up feeling more awkward. I thought I looked so terrible that I vowed to never have short hair again. Thanks to Nina Sky, they've helped to nudge away my fear of having short hair. Now I just need to muster up enough courage to follow through.

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Nina said...

Cool outfits!

My mane is NINA haha!


Chelsea Lane said...

wow, I've never heard of them before! they have great style, and the CONFIDENCE helps them pull it off flawlessly!


paperwhales said...

@Chelsea Lane Oh, I completely agree! Confidence can make any outfit look 10x better!

Nina said...

thanks for your comment!
I like zara to, and the first dress the most to hihi!


nikita said...

wow love the leather leggings and military jacket couple!
cool blog, im following!

Erica said...

I saw a video of them getting their haircuts and they actually go to a barbershop. I'm loving the new look ; )

elena-anna said...

love this picture i would love to see a post with a close up with all ur tattoos.

paperwhales said...

@elena-anna Hello! These actually aren't pictures of me. They are identical twins, Nicole and Natalie Albino, who make up Nina Sky (music artists)!