November 10, 2010

Sanrio's 50th Anniversary & Pop-Up Tour

This year marks Sanrio's 50th Anniversary and they have been celebrating it by doing a Small Gift Mobile Pop-Up Tour across the United States. Starting in San Francisco and ending in New York City, fourteen major cities have been picked to host this special event. They are currently traveling to the city of sin for their 7th stop on November 13-14. At the Pop-Up Shop, exclusive 50th anniversary products will be sold to fans.

The mobile shop is not the only event that will be happening. Sanrio is doing it huge this year by hosting "Small Gift," an event that will be only held in Los Angeles on November 12 and Miami on December 2-5. At these events, various artists have been invited to participate in a group art show to celebrate Sanrio. That's not even it. 

Small Gift Los Angeles will include a Midway Carnival, Art Exhibition, Food Extravaganza, Pop-Up Shop, and events within the event for 10 days. All of this will be happening at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica. 

Let me tell you, I haven't been this excited for an event in a long time. I grew up wanting everything that was Sanrio, particularly Keroppi. Every birthday and every Christmas, I would wish for a Keroppi pencil box, backpack, binder, pen, stick of gum, you name it. I wanted it all. I actually still remember how jealous I was in third grade when this girl who sat across from me had a bunch of Sanrio stationary.  Man, I was so envious of her. Now my obsession with Sanrio has gone, but it still has its powers to yank at my heart strings. 

The actual grand opening of Small Gift LA is this Friday, but a special VIP invite-only event will be held tomorrow for a pre-celebration. I'm not only excited about Small Gift's entirety, but also because I'll be attending the VIP event. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow, but I couldn't be more exicited. 


Angela Marie said...

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