December 31, 2010

Current Wishlist

These are some things I'll still be wanting in 2011. I've been lusting over these pieces for a few months now and I can't seem to stop loving them. Somehow, I'll try to get at least one of these in my wardrobe. Happy new years everyone! I'll be spending tonight with Kris for that midnight smooch.



ediot said...

absolutely love that first jacket - it's so great. and the knit is truly unique, adore the knot details.

thanks for sharing

Sophie said...

The blouse is gorgeous!

Samantha said...

that knit is my favorite it is awesome! happy healthy new year to you :)

dragon fruit

Sands said...

Omg I want that knotted sweater! My brain is going crazy trying to find ways to DIY that... :P

PS: Happy happy new year!


Kara Chelsie said...

That is such a cool sweater :D
i need something like that!


Femme said...

I love that knit! thank you for your comment. xx

Becky-May said...

these are all so lust-worthy! love your blog, so pleased i stumbled across it :)

happy 2011

BM - The Flower Girl.


Kristina said...

thank you for your lovely comment :)

I love the coat ;))


Aniek said...

LOVE the coat and the sweater!
and a happy new year!

Hope you will visit my blog soon :)

X Aniek

alannah. said...

that first trench coat is gooooorgeous.i have no need for a really really good one in australia cos where i live its never really cold enough, but hopefully one day ill make the splurge :)
love the bottom of that sweater though, its so unique!
happy new year :0 x

Angel said...

Happy New Year! I'm so jealous! I wish I could have been with my boyfriend at midnight for the kiss. I really like how that last sweater looks... Wish I could have it too.

Summer said...

that is the most perfect coat! Happy New Year, doll!!!


therawpower said...

i really like the blouse, the collar is really SOMETHING..

therawpower said...

i really like the blouse, the collar is really SOMETHING..

mode. said...

very cute! hope you get your wish!
happy new year!

jamie-lee said...

god i think i've just added all these to my wishlist too!

as for my watch, the asos one is a double strap yes :)

Nancie Mwai said...

that coat and sweater are super hot1

Happy New Year

Rachelous said...

The jacket and blouse are amazing! Nice picks! xx

AMELIA said...

Hi, love the name of your blog. Great wishlist. Thanks for visiting Clotheshorse NYC.
Come again soon:)

ANN said...

I love the color of that jacket and that sweater is amazing! Happy new year to you too! :)

minnja said...

Beautiful :))))))


Fashion Intel said...

That coat is A M A Z I N G!

Francesca said...

oh you have such good taste. love the sweater to DEATH.

F. ( x

Enamodeuse said...

The blouse seems sooo soft, gorgeous!

Audrey said...

Happy New Year!!!! Very nice blog!
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A N G E L A said...

love your wishlist!! :D

the last jumper is amazing!!



MsShamz said...

that last photo with the amazing sweater is GORGEOUS!

Zarna said...

that bodkin sweater is amazing! i would wear it all the time!

S said...

Loving the Bodkin sweater!

plentyforpennies said...

LOVE that Bodkin sweater! Do you know where it's available? And thanks so much for commenting on my blog!