December 30, 2010

Janelle Monae

I love these photos of Janelle Monae by photographer, Zach Wolfe.  I absolutely love this girl because she encompasses everything that I love, which are robots, aliens, bows, oxfords, tailored shirts, trousers, and Batman capes. I love everything about her style and music. In my book, she exudes everything that is cool. I pretty much wanna be her or have her as my bff. If only!


candy apples said...

I loooove Janelle Monae! I fell in love with her style when I saw her Christmas GAP commercial♥


SMASH said...

She played a free show at my college last year and I am STILL kicking myself for not going! She is the epitome of fierce!

Happy New Year!


jamie-lee said...

oh wow what incredible photos! the girl is mega fierce

Annabel said...

I love Janelle! Such a sassy classy and stylish lady :)

Jelka said...

Great pictures!
thanks for your sweet comment!

Allie said...

Aliens, robots, and bows? Hell yeah!

BbyAngel said...

I love her style!