December 30, 2010

Just Right by Jennifer Rubell

I am in love with this installation piece by Jennifer Rubell. Installations are my favorite form of art and this particular piece has to be one of my favorites. In "Just Right," viewers walk through a wall to reach a completely stripped, empty home, where they are encouraged to make and build their own bowl of breakfast oatmeal. What I love about Rubell is that her work often involves food and drink as media. I love food, so could this get any better? What I also love about pieces like these is that it allows viewers to see art that cannot be experienced inside museums and galleries. I feel that doing something unconventional is important for us reconceptualize art.

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candy apples said...

I don't know what it is about these photos but I love them!! Maybe it's the fact that the boxes reminded me of the raisins I used to bring for snack time in elementary school :D

Thanks for your really sweet comment on my blog♥

Happy New Year!!!


ediot said...

love these too. the photos are phenomenal too.
thanks for sharing.

Amber Blue Bird said...

well that certainly is creative. It reminds me of one of my favorite pieces, i cant remember the artists name, he used clear plastic cups and made a winter/ice sculpture and by adding or subtracting the amount of cups he used he could change the coloring....I am not doing the piece justice, but it was amazing

Summer said...

i love your website- im following via bloglovin!
Happy New Year, doll!!!