January 11, 2011

Bodkin SS 2011

I love Bodkin's Spring and Summer collection for 2011. It's simple, versatile, and completely minimal. My favorite is the Caos Tank, which takes on the same knot style of the Caos Sweater from Winter 2010.


Samantha said...

i love bodkin too. this new collection is amazing! i love every single piece! i agree with you my favorite is that tank with the knot look at the bottom. ah, i need money. haha


Francesca said...

thank you for your comment dear <3
oh my god that black wrinkled dress and twisted jumpsuit are SO DAMN NICE!!

F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

paperwhales said...

@Samantha Bodkin makes my stomach hurt just knowing how much it costs.

Cecylia said...

Wow!! I love these outfits! My fave is the black romper- sooooo sweet!

Thank you for sharing!

ediot said...

ah i do to. bodkin is a brilliant designer and all these pieces are amazing. thanks for sharing dear
hope you're enjoying your week

thestylevoyager said...

These pieces are very versatile and fresh! Love these designs.

Have a nice day! :)

TheArtOf-Ana said...

wooowww! this clothes are very niceee!!!!!!

thanks for your post! ;)
i followed you!


Fashion Intel said...

So simple and relaxed. Love it!

Yasemin said...
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