January 24, 2011

Cereal for Dessert

I stumbled upon these photos of cereal today and wanted to share them. I know it's normally eaten for breakfast, but I love having it as dessert! The sweetness of the cereal and milk hits the spot every time after dinner. I've also recently discovered Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I seriously don't know how I've lived 23 years without ever tasting it, but now, I can't live without it. Other favorites of mine are Frosted Flakes, Pops, and Honey Nut Cheerios. By the way, this blog was actually really close to being named Cereal for Dessert.


candy apples said...

Beautiful photos!! I love cereal, I could have it any time of the day :P hehe


Rachelous said...

They're cute photos :) I love cereal, when I was younger I'd have it for tea sometimes xx

Amber Blue Bird said...

is there anything better than cereal?

paperwhales said...

@Amber Blue Bird Ice cream! Because that's my ultimate all-time favorite dessert!

thestylevoyager said...

Looks insanely delicious.. I wish they taste like that too : (

amy leah said...

great pics...now im craving cereal


amy leah
(the coquetiquette)

Aahna said...

I like to eat cereal like a golosine. Nice variaty and pictures.

kaye i. said...

I love cereal! Believe it or not I have a cereal list. LOL. My #1 of all time, handsdown.... GOLDEN GRAHAMS!!! I also munch on it like it's just a tub of peanuts... yep.