February 16, 2011

Deserted City by Kim Holtermand

I love the eeriness of these photos by landscape photographer, Kim Holtermand. I typically don't like landscapes, but I absolutely love her minimalistic approach. It also seems to reflect how I've been feeling lately. Turns out that being a twenty-something-year-old only gets more complicated as I think more about my purpose in life and the progress of human kind. I've been doing a lot of online shopping lately and it really only reflects the stress I've been under. I shop to escape, which certainly, is a double-edged sword in disguise. via Source.


Veronica said...

I LOVE these pictures!

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Thank you so much!


naomi said...

wow. these photos take my breath away! they are incredible! especially the first one.

Rachelous said...

The pictures are beautiful, really moody and evocative. And I'm also guilty of shopping online to escape too- and end up in my overdraft as a result! I should actually set up something on my computer where Asos and others are banned! xx

SAMANTHA said...

these photos are incredible i love every single one. they really bring you somewhere. and i agree- i online shop when i'm stressed bu it only contributes to my stress factor because i either buy and then have no money or don't buy and get frustrated!


Amber Blue Bird said...

these are brilliant, reminds me of the film 28 days later

goth reform school said...

these are really beautiful