February 19, 2011

Music by Hurts

I love Hurts because their sound is so reminiscent of the 80's. Always well-dressed with their clean-cut attire, Theo and Adam are also my most recent crushes. I rarely ever find famous people attractive, but Theo (on the left) is looking so handsome. I'll always swoon for a man who can wear tailored dress shirts and trousers. Maybe it's also their whole demeanor, much like my girl crush on Janelle Monae, whose coolness is just way beyond me.


Ruth said...

Oh man, I love their sound. Makes me want to grab my yoga mat and do a sun salutation - honestly its the kind of music I like to do yoga and meditate to!

I'll be buying this album - thanks for directing me to them!


SAMANTHA said...

never heard of them before but I really like it! thanks for sharing :)


sojourned in style said...

they are handsome! most guys want to appear all dishevelled and i dont care, i like quite the oppostite- these guys!

wtfunks said...

what am i? Chopped Liver!?