February 3, 2011

Nhã Khanh RTW 2011

I recently discovered Nhã Khanh, a company founded by Khanh Nguyen and Nini Nguyen. Being Vietnamese American, I can't help, but be incredibly proud of these talented women. Their back story is really interesting because they became business partners when Nini, a fashion blogger and stylist, contacted Khanh to design her wedding gown.

Be sure to visit Nini's blog if you haven't discovered her yet. I think you'll be in for a real treat because she is beautiful with amazing style. If you're curious about Nini's wedding gown, you can view it here. I love that she also wore the traditional Vietnamese ao dai gown as well, which is a form fitted dress worn over silk wide leg pants.


Christine @ Fanciful Vision said...

Thanks for sharing, I love this!! The first 2 looks esp look amazing :) x

Rachelous said...

What beautiful clothes. I love the first dress, very unusual. x

Song Anh said...

Wow! Really, thank you for sharing this. It's so wonderful to see successful Vietnamese designers who are so inspiring. In our next project for my class, we are to incorporate 3 fabric manipulation styles and Nini has represented that here in one of her design. She makes me want to work with more sheer fabrics. You've posted this in such perfect time! :)

Your mother was a seamstress?? That is awesome! My mom taught herself everything so she doesn't know quite as much as your mother I'm sure. I'm also quite envious that you know how to sew at such a young age because I wasn't really introduced to it till my late high school years.
Oh and your mother also makes banh tet??? She is one talented lady isn't she? I am sooo addicted to it. I think I've eaten almost a full roll myself already! This is really neat because the other day, I was talking to my mom and was so curious as to how people actually make them. I can imagine it being a long process. I would love to personally see someone make them one day :)

Cup of Fashion

LAURA!!! said...

WOW this is so good.

The White Rabbit said...

hy, so cool blog..
I´m follow you.



Dara U said...

love these designs. theyre so simple and perfect

SMASH said...

South East Asian women represent! Although i'm not Vietnamese (I'm Filipino) I love seeing asian women doing amazing things--these ladies rule!

ooh and about the beaches in Long Beach: they're not great. Haha i'm being real but if you want to see some really nice orange county beaches theres nothing like Laguna Beach! As pristine as you can get in Southern California, i think :)


heylila said...

I really like the model they chose, slim but not too skinny. I like the clothes, too, of course!



CC said...

Their stuff is amazing! Checking out the website stat. :)

Kristen said...

everything is so pretty, and on top of that it looks to be constructed beautifully

makowa said...

love the simplicity <3