February 10, 2011

Recent Purchase

My obsession with collars haven't stopped yet, so I couldn't resist buying this ASOS dress, especially when I found it marked down from $82.48 to $32.27. What I'm more excited about is ASOS and their new shipping service. They've been providing US customers free shipping for awhile now, but typically for me, it takes nearly three weeks for a package to reach me. My last experience turned me completely sour with them because they once gave me a wrong item. It was a long and frustrating process to get fixed, but I ultimately received my order two months later. It was really ridiculous. With this dress, I decided to take my chances again and discovered that they now provide US tracking services. I made my purchase two days ago and I received an email today saying that my order should arrive within six days. SIX! This is drastically different since I've never received tracking from ASOS before. In addition to the new service, they finally fixed their search box. It is now working better than ever and is pulling up the items I want. All of these significant changes only mean more damage to my wallet, but I am ecstatic about having a better online shopping experience. Thank you ASOS! You've fixed all of my shopping woes.


Rachelous said...

Wow love that dress- the beaded collar is beautiful. I sometimes wait ages for Asos orders too, they seem a bit unpredictable! xx

Francesca said...

Beautiful! I just bought a peter pan collared dress from ASOS too! It came in black and red? and had an open back? I think I took the last size 8 so i was lucky.
having a diamond as your birthstone isn't bad ;) hehe

F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

ediot said...

so cute. thanks for sharing.

Ruth said...

ASOS is my favourite place to shop online - you can actually see what you are buying with the clear photos and the catwalk videos!

I've been shopping there for years as a UK resident and I just hope their prices don't sky-rocket with their newly found international market!

Beautiful dress you chose :)


LizAnn said...

So pretty! I adore this dress!

VPV Intern

Amber Blue Bird said...

love this dress. I am going to have to check this site out for sales!