February 25, 2011

Side View of Twenty-Seven Names

I really love this behind-the-scenes Spring/Summer 2010 photo for Twenty-Seven Names. As much as I like the clothes, my eyes are on the brown boots and socks. It just looks so good together, especially when worn in a group. via Source.


STEPH J said...

they look like a bunch of school girls together. well, really well-dressed school girls. cute :D

ediot said...

looks awesome. such nice pieces there. thanks for sharing - can't wait to see more of this collection asap..
happy weekend

heylila said...

cool clothes but the photo looks funny :) as if they are all really short, cause of the shoes



sojourned in style said...

this is a fantasic picture with genious quality to it. they each look similar but contrast slightly and are the same in footwear. they are for sure sturdy

rustymirror said...

There's a kinda surreal feeling with the matching shoes and hair! Great photo.

Strawberry Freckleface said...

I agree. Boots and socks combo is great.

strawberry freckleface

Scarlett.Adele said...

I agree with everything you are saying. Such a beautiful and inspiring collection. Now following your blog:)

Let me know what you think of my blog:)