March 31, 2011

Embellished Collars by Eleven Objects

Eleven Objects is an accessory line created by Linh Thi Do and Christine Rhee. These embellished collars are from their first ever Fall/Winter 2011 season. The prices are a bit steep since they range from $135 to $1,195, but there's no denying that these collars can spruce up your outfit. My definite favorite is the last collar with the single spike stud down the middle. via Source.

March 28, 2011

"Broken Things" by Livia Marin

Broken Things is a series by Chilean artist, Livia Marin. The broken, cracked, and distorted pieces represent fatality and loss, while the spilling over of pattern represent care and continuation. via Source.

Prada Boot Harness

Whoever is wearing these Prada Harness boots really knows how to wear them. There are times when gold can look really tacky, but when it's done right, it's amazing. via Source.

The Hobo Lantern by Molo Design

Hobo Lantern is a portable light inspired by the urban nightlife of Zona Tortona during Design Week. Hobo comes to life with an energy-efficient LED light source glowing through its delicate pattern of translucent fibres. Pre-orders can be made on and will be fully available on April 12, 2011 – the first day of Design Week in Milan. via Source.

Thinking of Spring with Doc Martens

I love that seaform-green mint pair since it's one of my favorite colors. No matter what season it is, I'll always manage to wear pastels. Even floral. It's just another soft spot that I have alongside scallop details, pleats, and embellished collars. via Source.

March 26, 2011

Mongolion the Kitten

So here are new pictures of Kris' new kitten! This little boy got curious when Kris was eating his sandwich, so he climbed onto his shoulders to get a closer look. I think he's about 8 weeks old right now. We took him to the vet this day for his first check up. He's in perfection condition and will be getting his first vaccination shot in two weeks. His name is Mongolion, which is named after these toy figures that my boyfriend collects.

My Nails with China Glaze Agent Lavender

March 24, 2011

Lusting Over Rachel Comey

The only shoes I've been thinking about for the past 3-4 months are shoes by Rachel Comey. I think they're on the same wavelength as No. 6. Just classic, timeless, yet still modern. I dream about owning a pair one day, but I keep going back and forth on what I want, mainly because my size runs out or I can't find them in stock. If you've ever searched for the Mars or Penpal style, you should know exactly what I mean. Honestly, who keeps buyin' them up so quickly? My heart used to be set on the Mars boot with the natural heel, but now I think I'm leaning toward the all black Penpals as shown above. I wish I could have it all, but the $335+ price just hurts too much. Are you a fan of Rachel Comey? Which style do you like most? via Source.

March 22, 2011

National Geographic

Nazroo, a mahout (elephant driver), poses for a portrait while taking his elephant, Rajan, out for a swim at Radha Nagar Beach in Havelock, Andaman Islands. Photographed by Cesare Naldi from National Geographic. via Source.

March 21, 2011

An Unexpected Purchase from Opening Ceremony

I swear I'm banning myself from online shopping for the rest of the year. I've been having unbelievable luck with sales lately, except for waiting too long to buy Rachel Comey Londonderry boots (I'm still kicking myself in the ass for this). But Opening Ceremony announced a 20% off promo code on all sale items! This is a rare moment so I hurried over to the sale section and found this Pendleton x Opening Ceremony Wool Dress marked down from $465 to $140. I was completely shocked to see this since it's been sold out for the past couple of months. The only place I know that has it available is ASOS, which is priced at $724.37. Yikes, right? I can't believe it either. In the end, I was able to snatch this dress up for only $112. If you wanna take advantage of this sale, the Opening Ceremony code is EXTRA20. But hurry because this offer ends Friday 3/25 at 11:59pm PST.

My Mom's Banh Chung

This is my mom's Banh Chung. It's a Vietnamese food that's eaten during special occasions, like the Lunar New Year. I also asked my mom the difference between "chung" and "tet" since I use it interchangeably. Apparently the shape determines what it is. If it's a cylindrical shape, it's Banh Tet. If it's in a square block like the photo above, it's Banh Chung.

The outside is rice and the inside is typically filled with mung bean and pork. It then gets wrapped in banana leaves and gets boiled for hours. Celebrating new years has past, but my mom made it for me with my favorite filling, which are bananas.

March 20, 2011

Another Old Photo

A New Kitten

These are old photos of my first stray kitten from four years ago. My brother and I took him in knowing he'd end up being a feral cat. We socialized this cutie and successfully found him new owners. The last stray I had was an all black one, which was the one my boyfriend fell in love with. He was devastated when he knew he couldn't keep him and has been sad about it ever since. He also hated cats before meeting this one.

But today, Kris and I visited a friend's friend that had a litter of six kittens. Among them was a tuxedo cat, which was exactly like my first stray. Kris fell in love again and decided to bring in a new family member. We spent the entire day helping the new boy adjust to his new environment. Luckily for us, the kitten knew how to use the litter box unlike his brothers and sisters! Hopefully I can take photos of the new kitten when the lighting is much better. It's hard to capture black kittens since they blend in so easily.

March 19, 2011

Recent Purchase

A couple weeks ago, Groupon UK had a £9 for a £20 Groupon to spend at ASOS. Since I shop there pretty often, I decided to take my chances and signed up for UK's Groupon site. I'm from the US so I was a bit nervous doing this. I wasn't sure if they could somehow know that I wasn't a native, but it turned out to be perfectly fine! I decided to use my code on this Scallop Detail Shift Dress in cream. I've been wanting to buy more classic pieces, so I thought this shift dress was perfect. As you can tell, I still can't resist the scallop details. But I thought it added a unique detail to a classic silhouette. I also think it's really easy to dress up and down.

March 17, 2011

Photography by Aimee Han

Eighteen-year-old photographer, Aimee Han, recently photographed Kimbra for Pocketto Magazine. As you know, I'm anxiously waiting for her album to release already. It's supposed to drop some time this year, but I'll just have to settle with these photos for now. She looks beautiful as always. via Source.

Esther Platform Pump by Loeffler Randall

I typically find pumps really boring, but I like these Esther Platform Pumps by Loeffler Randall. The 110mm wood heel is a little detail that adds a great twist to the classic pump. It's not drastic, but it does its job for standing out from the rest. via Source.

I Know Places by Lykke Li

March 12, 2011

Shark Bite Oven Mitt

Sharks are one of my favorite animals, so I couldn't help, but geek out over these Shark Bite Oven Mitts. They're only $18 at Fredflare, but I found a slightly cheaper one at for $15. I won't be getting these since I don't use my oven enough, but I'll definitely keep these in mind for a future DIY.

March 7, 2011

Some Things for Sale

My closet has been getting really crowded lately and I thought it was time to sell some of my things. If you're a Size 6 or 7, please visit my selling blog for prices and details! Click here to be re-directed to Shop Paperwhales. You have no idea how much this would help me out.

March 5, 2011

Brightness Dawn Collection by Setareh Mohtarez

I love astronomy and space, so these pieces by Setareh Mohtarez are nothing, but eye candy for me. I really wish I could hang these up in my bedroom so I could stare at them all day! via Source.

Daft Punk x Coca Cola

These limited edition aluminum bottles, inspired by helmets worn by Daft Punk, will be available this month at Colette, Paris. A collectors box will be sold exclusively at Colette, while individual bottles will be available in select Monoprix shops and nightclubs near the end of the month. via Source.