March 24, 2011

Lusting Over Rachel Comey

The only shoes I've been thinking about for the past 3-4 months are shoes by Rachel Comey. I think they're on the same wavelength as No. 6. Just classic, timeless, yet still modern. I dream about owning a pair one day, but I keep going back and forth on what I want, mainly because my size runs out or I can't find them in stock. If you've ever searched for the Mars or Penpal style, you should know exactly what I mean. Honestly, who keeps buyin' them up so quickly? My heart used to be set on the Mars boot with the natural heel, but now I think I'm leaning toward the all black Penpals as shown above. I wish I could have it all, but the $335+ price just hurts too much. Are you a fan of Rachel Comey? Which style do you like most? via Source.


Fashion Intel said...

I hope you get your shoes, and maybe even on sale! I like Rachel Comey sandals/wooden stacked heels though I know everyone freaks out for her boots. I wish they cost a little less. 0_o

ediot said...

these shoes look great indeed.
i just recently purchased a pair of boots i've been looking at and wanting for 4 years now.. and they'll be with me soon ;) can't wait.(by vivienne westwood)

Lola said...

I really like these, they remind me of Acne! Love your blog, following you!

Check out mine, would love to hear what you think!

sojourned in style said...

I just became a fan by way of these boots! I have been lusting over a similar pair too. their simple but so different from just any other black boot. the refined cowboy -ness to it is what gets me.

kaye i. said...
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kaye i. said...

My gawd, I have the same problem! I know this post is not new, but I've been lusting over a pair of the Rachel Comey mars or penpal for months and the No. 6 boots for a year now!

I had the chance of trying a pair of "Mars" in nougat! The main reason I didn't buy it? 1st - It's $200 more here in Vancouver, WTF. 2nd- I wanted a pair in black.

The only good thing... at least I know my size. LOL. Another bad thing? I'm still dreaming of it and how buttery soft and how light the freakin' boots were... and it goes with everything!