March 21, 2011

My Mom's Banh Chung

This is my mom's Banh Chung. It's a Vietnamese food that's eaten during special occasions, like the Lunar New Year. I also asked my mom the difference between "chung" and "tet" since I use it interchangeably. Apparently the shape determines what it is. If it's a cylindrical shape, it's Banh Tet. If it's in a square block like the photo above, it's Banh Chung.

The outside is rice and the inside is typically filled with mung bean and pork. It then gets wrapped in banana leaves and gets boiled for hours. Celebrating new years has past, but my mom made it for me with my favorite filling, which are bananas.


Fashion Intel said...

Yum, yes please! Love eating this here in the SGV.

Carmen To said...

looks so yummy! :)

love, carmen

SoapyMermaid said...

it may seem strange with these colours but it is very pretty and makes me quite hungry. it looks delicious