March 22, 2011

National Geographic

Nazroo, a mahout (elephant driver), poses for a portrait while taking his elephant, Rajan, out for a swim at Radha Nagar Beach in Havelock, Andaman Islands. Photographed by Cesare Naldi from National Geographic. via Source.


Song Anh said...

Oh wow! I am amaze at how miniature this man looks compared to his elephant. Elephants are so peaceful to me for some reason. They listen and follow directions well when trained properly of course. I just can't imagine something that giant being so gentle.

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ediot said...

i've always been so fascinated by national geographic photographers pictures, they are really always so unique.
thanks for sharing this amazing shot


Faraja Tina said...

how is that possible?? wow

Orphin Lasz said...

WOW...! Ô A Ô
This is absolutely amazing! I never would've thought this would be possible.
Such an impressive shot! Ehehehe, it made me go "Awww" as soon as I saw it; it's really adorable
; u ;

~ Orphin's Domains ~

Amber Blue Bird said...

thats a stunning photo

sojourned in style said...

such a captivating image. the angle of it and the elephant are amazing.

Twee said...

can't believe in what i just saw, this image is amazing!

and thanks for you sweet message too =)



Wow. This is insane!

EMMAYAMMA. said...

WOW. They look amazing
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