March 20, 2011

A New Kitten

These are old photos of my first stray kitten from four years ago. My brother and I took him in knowing he'd end up being a feral cat. We socialized this cutie and successfully found him new owners. The last stray I had was an all black one, which was the one my boyfriend fell in love with. He was devastated when he knew he couldn't keep him and has been sad about it ever since. He also hated cats before meeting this one.

But today, Kris and I visited a friend's friend that had a litter of six kittens. Among them was a tuxedo cat, which was exactly like my first stray. Kris fell in love again and decided to bring in a new family member. We spent the entire day helping the new boy adjust to his new environment. Luckily for us, the kitten knew how to use the litter box unlike his brothers and sisters! Hopefully I can take photos of the new kitten when the lighting is much better. It's hard to capture black kittens since they blend in so easily.


Jess said...

Sososososoooo cute, can't wait til I'm actually able to have a kitten...


Ruth said...


I'm more of a dog person though :)

George. said...

Nice blog!

if you want we exchange followers!

I'll wait for you!



ediot said...

ah. one thing i can never get tired of looking at .-is cats. this little fella is a heart breaker. so beautiful.
kittens are the most beautiful thing in the world, to me they're a lot more beautiful than babies(never given birth- so that might be the reason)
anyways thanks for sharing these - and i hope to see more kitten photos here later on ;)

ching said...

oh so adorable. very nice of you to keep the kitty.

sojourned in style said...

that is so genuinely nice of you to collect stray kittens. can't wait to see the new kitten

l i s a z h a n g said...

thats such a sweet thing to do!
this one is way cute!

what did you guys name it?


Rachelous said...

Aww so cute :) I love black cats but they are harder to photograph! xx