April 2, 2011

Adding Color

I've always been scared to wear bold colors other than white, cream, pastels, navy, black, and every shade of grey. I thought it was time to add something different to my wardrobe and decided on this See by ChloƩ pleated romper. I admit it. Something with this much color makes me nervous, but I thought the salmon color was something I could pull off. This is also my first ever romper. That makes me nervous too because it seems so troublesome to wear in public. The majority of my time going out means going to restaurants, having drinks, and in due time, using the restroom. It seems like I practically have to get naked to do my business. Not fun.

I spent the past week visiting my brothers in Long Beach again and I completely forgot about my order from The Outnet. I ordered it during their pop-up sale last Saturday and when I came into my bedroom, I was so excited to see this package. When I opened the box, I saw my garment nicely wrapped up in tissue paper. Since nearly 80% of my clothes are purchased online, I love when online shops pay attention to these details. I especially like it when they put your receipt in an envelope, or use paper clips to keep the receipt and return slip together.

I was afraid of it being too big on me, but it actually fits perfectly! What I love most about this romper are the pleats at the front, which gives you the illusion of it being a dress. I love pleated dresses, so this is perfect for me. It also feels really good knowing I got this on sale at $58.50 instead of $390!


Fashion Intel said...

What an incredible purchase, both the item and the price. Nice score miss!

Francesca said...

$58.50 for a CHLOE romper?? gosh you are my kind of shopper. I've just really discovered the outnet and looks like i'll be back more often. love the colour x

l i s a z h a n g said...

that! my dear is an amazing dress and god is that a steal of a find!

i found about outnet the other day! and i can't stop looking at it!!!!

the colour is great too!



A N G E L A said...

OMG!! this is perfect!! really like it!!



cestlavie22 said...

I really like that romper! It is a gorgeous color and by the sounds of it you got a steal!

sojourned in style said...

you get amazing prices on your clothes! it's almost unbelieveable that see by chloe has a single garment under $80! its reallly lovely. I have all the confidence you'll look terrific in it

Lady Moriarty said...

Wow, this is beautiful, hope to see it on new soon^^ !

See U !

chinchillakwak said...

that is really beautiful, and i love the color so very much.

ps nice blog! lots of clothes and art -- two things i like

Twee said...

such a lovely dress~absolutely sweet!
good pick~!

SHOP Ezzentric Topz

ediot said...

that is such a nice new buy darling! congratulations, it looks fantastic.
hope you're enjoying your monday

Rania said...

That looks just lovely! Can't wait to see you in it. Beautiful photos aswell. Thanks for the comment. x

Becky-May said...

Oh wow! It's perfect! I'd love one myself! Can we see you in it? x

The Flower Girl


fashion suicides said...

Are you kiding?! $58 instead of $390 ?! What a good deal ! Love the color :). Thanks for your comment earlier :).


Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow, this is so amazing! The color and shape - stunning! I love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit mine:)


heylila said...

wow what a bargain!!! I bet it looks good on you, show some photos :)



Mrs Vintage said...

Wow, hello from Hong Kong. First time stop by yr blog!! I love this romper so so much!!! I have followed you, do you mind follow my blog as well?

Cheers/Mrs Vintage


Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

dang, I cosign this purchase 100%! That piece looks so nice (and the color is perfect for spring and beyond). I too love when online places pay attention to packaging, it's fun opening up something that looks pretty!

Henar said...

Aww, this is beautiful,
I love it !

Henar ♥

kaye i. said...

Oh my word, it's beautiful! It's even more beautiful because you got it on sale :)