April 9, 2011

Opening Ceremony Fall 2011 Lookbook

Opening Ceremony will always be one of my favorite brands because I feel they're always consistent with putting out great pieces. What I always seem to love are their dresses. I'm definitely eyeing a few from the Fall 2011 season, but unfortunately, I'm not sure if my wallet could handle it all. via Source.


sojourned in style said...

brilliant infusion of colour while not looking clownish at all. the strutctured dresses and jackets, just beauitful.

rae said...

what lovely patterns and combinations of colors. the photo of the girls on the beach reminds me of The Edge of Love for some reason.

ediot said...

this is a wonderful lookbook! thanks for sharing. i love it and the pieces look amazing.
hope you're having a great weekend dear

Fashion Intel said...

That's the most stylish nap (photo 1) I've seen in awhile!