May 24, 2011

Dress Forms by EEM x Stockman

Taking the fashion dress form as a piece of art, French art director Emmanuel Bossuet of EEM Agency collaborated with Stockman, one of the most famous and historical brands for dress forms, to produce limited edition “haute couture” busts. Limited to 10 copies of each model, the original 3 are currently on exhibit at the department store Bon Marche in Paris. via Source.

The Ballerina Hepburn by Swedish Hasbeens

I think I've finally found the perfect pair of black flats. I've lived all my life without any because I couldn't find a pair I was completely satisfied with. They either have a bow at the front (I hate this on flats), are too round at the front, show toe cleavage, or have flimsy soles that make me feel every pebble beneath my feet. But after a long search, I think the Ballerina Hepburn by Swedish Hasbeens could be "the one" for me. Unfortunately, this style retails at $276 + $59 shipping for US orders. Ouch! I guess it's not my time to have that perfect pair yet.

May 18, 2011

"You" by Creep feat. Nina Sky

Clothing Sculptures by Guerra de la Paz

The art of Guerra de la Paz is a creative team effort between two Cuban born artists, Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz who live and work in Miami, Florida. Using recycled clothing, they aim to reinvent historic themes and classic icons while still commenting on contemporary culture.

May 17, 2011

Vans x Sanrio

The much anticipated Vans x Sanrio collaboration will be releasing next month at Vans retail stores,,, and select Sanrio Boutiques beginning June 1, 2011. I'm not loving this collab as much as Dr. Martens, but I definitely appreciate it for what it is. via Source

May 16, 2011

Sweet Tooth

These are some of the desserts I picked up yesterday. I don't know what the first one is called, but it's a flaky pastry with walnuts and cream that I always get in Chinatown, LA. After that, I headed to the Little Tokyo Shopping Center for Beard Papa cream puffs and macarons from 'Lette, or Paulette. I'm still not familiar with the area, so I was really surprised to find them together. It would've been nice to visit their more popular locations, but thinking about the parking situation quickly deterred me. This is also one reason why my heart belongs to San Diego. Ample parking and being concerned with only 4-5 freeways is my kinda deal.

Water Mirrors by Rikako Nagashima & Hideto Hyoudou

May 13, 2011

Mickey Mouse Skulls

I came across this Mickey Mouse skull on Flickr and remembered the X-Ray tunic that DimePiece made. I'm not sure if their inspiration came from the above photo, but I'm feelin' what DimePiece did with their Spring 2011 graphic. Transferred onto canvas and stretched over a wood frame, this decorative piece can be found at DimePiece Designs for $98, with a limited run of 60 pieces.

Judas Remix by Lady Gaga x Hurts

"Cameo Lover" by Kimbra

May 11, 2011

Michelle Williams for Interview Magazine

I know these photos from Interview have been circulating blogs lately, but I had to post them myself since Michelle Williams is one of my style muses. I never thought this would ever happen because I wasn't fond of her acting role in Dawson's Creek, but since leaving the teenage-filled drama, I've really admired her style. I especially loved her when I spotted her wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress on Jimmy Fallon. She embodies that retro, school-girl feel that I completely love. via Source.

May 8, 2011

Animatus by Hyungkoo Lee

In 2006, South Korean artist, Hyungkoo Lee, held an exhibition at the natural history museum in Basel, Switzerland. Titled, "Animatus," Lee used iconic Looney Tunes characters, such as Donald Duck, and Bugs Bunny, to produce animal skeletons similarly to those made by paleontologists. via Source.

Chocolate Mountains

Icelandic product designer, Brynhildur Pálsdóttir, and Iceland's premier chocalatier, Hafliði Ragnarsson, came together to develop and produce these edible geological structures. Shaped into little morsels of mountains and volcanoes, they currently sell from Mosfellsbakarí shops or directly from Brynhildur by email. via Source.

May 7, 2011

Karl Maughan for Stolen Girlfriends Club

I'm in love with this collaboration between Stolen Girlfriends Club and New Zealand based artist, Karl Maughan. Maughan’s signature floral prints were splashed all over the collection, which included pants, shorts, jackets, tees, and dresses. via Source.

May 4, 2011

Seeing Red

I've been having a strong liking to red lately, particularly the red Cambridge Satchel by the Cambridge Satchel Company and the Koni Mini Bag by Benah. In lieu of my birthday recently, my brother surprised me with a red vintage Louis Vuitton Epi Monceau bag I've also been wanting. Too much excitement!

I love vintage bags so I couldn't be happier with this Monceau. I love the Epi style of the leather, handle, gold hardware, and boxy shape. It's exactly what I was looking for in a statement bag. I also don't own many bags, so this is an exciting addition for me! Thanks to my brother, I don't have to wait months, or even years for one.