August 18, 2011


I started this blog to document my interests in fashion, but as time went on, I realized I didn't like fashion as much as I thought I did. Or perhaps I didn't follow it the conventional way. I realized that I hated looking at magazines, editorials, models, runway shows, and everything fashion week related. So I asked myself, "What actually inspires me?" I'm definitely influenced by everyone around me, but when I'm online and I'm deliberately searching for inspiration, I look to product shots by stores such as La Garconne, Totokaelo, Ssense, and Reborn. In other words, I online shop. What I love about these stores is that they style their clothing as if they were official lookbooks. I guess what puts me off is all the frou frou stuff that comes with fashion. I like looking at clothes in its most simplest form, which is viewing each piece by itself without elaborate backgrounds or scenes. An example of this would be the above look styled by La Garconne, which features the Acne Dana Dress.


Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

I totally feel you on this. So much of fashion is boring and feels like it is on repeat. Totokaelo is my favorite but I've never been to Reborn, will have to check that out.

ediot said...

i adore the simplicity of that dress, it's simple but not boring- wonderful cut and pocket detail
happy weekend

Anonymous said...

I completely agree (in fact I'm lusting after this exact same dress!) I am so much more interested in the minimalist approach to fashion, lookbooks like the ones from lagarconne inspire me so much more than runway shoes or (most) campaigns. I love appreciating a piece for the simplicity of it's cut, fabric and colour.
___zoeee x


I completely and solidly agree. I used to be an editorial type but I find myself turned off by the overdramtacized shots. I like it raw and in its natural state. the clean dress and loafers are incredible.

kaye i. said...

I hear ya.

I think for me, it has something to do with age, meaning me getting older LOL. A few years back, I used to like and want everything, trendy stuff, what's in at the moment, what I see on TV, magazines, etc.

But now I'm more drawn to simpler things, not just clothing but life in general.