September 20, 2011

Food Paintings by Luigi Benedicenti

Beautiful photographs, aren't they? That's what I thought, too, at first glance, but they're actually photo-real paintings by artist, Luigi Benedicenti. I'm so blown away at how detailed these paintings are. That Luigi must be one patient man because this is some tedious work! via Source.


galatea. said...

wow, that's pretty unbelievable !

Lena said...


Amber Blue Bird said...

no way! Thats incredible

kaye i. said...

Wow! At first I thought you were bs-ing me. LOL. Just wow!

kaye i. said...

Re: RC shoes... IDK what to do with the canvas part but I always use water repellent spray on my leather shoes. I spray it the day before I wear it out.

I might spray the leather parts of it and make sure I don't wear it outside when it's pouring or snowing.

alexandra.samarina said...

Thank you dear for your comment! It means so much to me!
Wow it looks so yammi!

I would truly eat all of these right now! Good that I cdan#t get my hands on it:))



Sisters and Sisters said...

What a great photos, they inspire us!
You have a great blog too:)

Come and check out our blog too and share your though;)


Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

photorealism always trips me out in the best way possible. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE TO CREATE?! my mind=boggled.

Carolyn said...

i can't believe these are paintings.. they are so sooo real like photographs

l i s a z h a n g said...

OMG serious?!


daintiness said...

totally saving these images. AHHHHH. I cannot get over it.