November 16, 2011

Gold Ankle Cuffs

I still can't get over how good this looks. Gold and black are one of my favorite combinations so I was completely enamored when I came across this photo. via nobodyknowsmarc.


Francesca said...

Hehe i blogged about this too a few weeks ago. can't get over how awesome that image is hey?
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Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

I too love gold+black and this looks sooooo sleek!

Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS said...

this looks awesome. wonder if its diy-able lol.

Mongs said...

wow, awesome, haven't seen these before, hmm...looks kind of kinky.

thanks for stopping by my blog by the way!


Chloe said...

What blogger isn't desperately trying to get their hands on a pair of these ?

They are awesome. Can't wait until the fast fashion stores are pumping them out.

jiglycious said...

its look so amazing gold and black

following you

hope we can follow each other


Stephanie Lin said...

How beautiful! If only I could get my hands on them...

laura said...

wow... these are gorgeous!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

kcomekarolina said...


xoxo from rome

Josie's Little World said...

oh i absolutely LOVE !!!!!!

loving your blog x