February 26, 2011

Saturday Lunch at Home

This morning, I went to the nearest thrift store to donate clothes. I was so glad to this because I've had boxes of clothes sitting in my room for ages! After that, I drove down the street to Canada Steak Burger, where I ordered a gyro salad for lunch. Across from this place was Frutilandia, a Mexican smoothie/juice/fruit bar. It's a really great place to visit if you seriously want anything to do fresh-cut fruit. They even sell hot cheetos with nacho cheese for $1.75! It was a real treat when hot cheetos were all the rage in middle/high school, so I'll indulge in that when I'm feeling nostalgic. The fruit salad I got today was pico de gallo.

February 25, 2011

Side View of Twenty-Seven Names

I really love this behind-the-scenes Spring/Summer 2010 photo for Twenty-Seven Names. As much as I like the clothes, my eyes are on the brown boots and socks. It just looks so good together, especially when worn in a group. via Source.

Photography by Brandan George Ko

February 23, 2011

New "Sunday" Video by Hurts

I was so excited this morning because Hurts released their latest music video. I was hoping to see an official video for "Illuminated," but I'm glad "Sunday" was made now. I thought the story line for it was perfect and as always, everyone looks painstakingly beautiful.

February 20, 2011

Flying Overseas by Theophilus London ft. Solange Knowles & Devonte Hynes

She Entwined by Audrey Kawasaki

A limited edition print sale will be held on Sunday, February 27 for Audrey Kawasaki's most recent painting, She Entwined. She has such an incredible style. I can't believe how much talent this girl has sometimes. via Source.

February 19, 2011

Music by Hurts

I love Hurts because their sound is so reminiscent of the 80's. Always well-dressed with their clean-cut attire, Theo and Adam are also my most recent crushes. I rarely ever find famous people attractive, but Theo (on the left) is looking so handsome. I'll always swoon for a man who can wear tailored dress shirts and trousers. Maybe it's also their whole demeanor, much like my girl crush on Janelle Monae, whose coolness is just way beyond me.

February 17, 2011

Evangelione's Handmade Dolls

I had a short-lived fascination with Barbie dolls when I was around 7-8 years old. As I grew up, dolls like Blythe became more creepy than anything, especially the life-like ones with free-moving eyes. But after discovering Evangelione's Handmade dolls, I think I may be warming up to them. I completely adore the outfits handcrafted by Tako below. To see more of her dolls, you can visit her blog, Flickr, and Etsy. I also encourage you to click here to check out her miniature atelier. The intricate details are beyond amazing.

February 16, 2011

A Model from Alexander Wang, NYFW 2011

I get so overwhelmed by NYFW posts that I cringe when I see one, but here I am with a tiny post. I have no comments on the fashion. I just really love the smirk on this model's face. It was photographed by Betty Szu during Alexander Wang's F/W 2011 runway show. via Source.

Deserted City by Kim Holtermand

I love the eeriness of these photos by landscape photographer, Kim Holtermand. I typically don't like landscapes, but I absolutely love her minimalistic approach. It also seems to reflect how I've been feeling lately. Turns out that being a twenty-something-year-old only gets more complicated as I think more about my purpose in life and the progress of human kind. I've been doing a lot of online shopping lately and it really only reflects the stress I've been under. I shop to escape, which certainly, is a double-edged sword in disguise. via Source.

February 14, 2011

Inside the Maison Moschino Hotel, Italy

Located in Milan, Italy, the Maison Moschino Hotel occupies a renovated railway station building on Via Monte Grappa. The beautiful interior was headed by Moschino's creative director, Rosselle Jardini and art director, Jo Ann Tan. It has a total of 63 guestrooms, 2 junior suites, and a lobby that greets each guest with a ceiling full of cloud chandeliers and life-size sheep. via Source.

February 12, 2011

1 Liter Faucet Design

Designed by Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh, this faucet allows the user to see exactly how much water is left for usage. I love the concept because it helps reduce the amount of water that's typically wasted. According to Dornob, most faucets can waste up to six liters of water in half of a minute if left unchecked. There's quite a few flaws with this idea, but aesthetically, this design is incredibly sleek and modern, which is exactly what I love. via Source.

February 11, 2011

Current Wishlist

These are all out of my price range, but it won't stop me from staring at them from time to time. Unfortunately, all the shoes are long gone so I really can't get my hands on them even if I could. The blouse is by Twenty-Seven Names available at MaxiMillia and all shoes are by Opening Ceremony.

February 10, 2011

Photography by Amira Fritz

Paper Sculptures by Matt Shlian

The New Holga D

The popular Holga camera, known for its surreal, whimsical images, is now available in a digital format called Holga D. This new camera will retain the same qualities as the original Holga, but is now made more convenient without worrying about the cost of 120 film. I have a small collection of lomography cameras, but I haven't touched them recently due to film and the cost of developing. I'm excited about this new camera so I can't wait to see what it can do. There's no information on how much this will cost yet. via Source.

Recent Purchase

My obsession with collars haven't stopped yet, so I couldn't resist buying this ASOS dress, especially when I found it marked down from $82.48 to $32.27. What I'm more excited about is ASOS and their new shipping service. They've been providing US customers free shipping for awhile now, but typically for me, it takes nearly three weeks for a package to reach me. My last experience turned me completely sour with them because they once gave me a wrong item. It was a long and frustrating process to get fixed, but I ultimately received my order two months later. It was really ridiculous. With this dress, I decided to take my chances again and discovered that they now provide US tracking services. I made my purchase two days ago and I received an email today saying that my order should arrive within six days. SIX! This is drastically different since I've never received tracking from ASOS before. In addition to the new service, they finally fixed their search box. It is now working better than ever and is pulling up the items I want. All of these significant changes only mean more damage to my wallet, but I am ecstatic about having a better online shopping experience. Thank you ASOS! You've fixed all of my shopping woes.

February 8, 2011

A Post for Kylie Minogue

Lady Gaga could be the pop icon of our generation, but there's someone else that I feel should share the limelight and that is Kylie Minogue. At 42 years old, this woman is still making music and staying true to her genre and style since 1988. I think a lot of Lady Gaga's elements draw from Kylie, so it bums me out that she's overlooked in the United States. The music video below is her second single from her 2010 Aphrodite album, titled "Get Outta My Way." I also admit that both Lady Gaga and Kylie provide me the best guilty pleasures.

February 7, 2011

Sock Garters by SWANclothing

I've been looking at these sock garters for months now and I'm still trying to convince myself that I need them. I really want the thigh high garters because I think they would be so perfect under dresses. I love SWANclothing because they don't only make sock garters, they also make suspenders, and detachable collars and cuffs. I'm a huge fan of menswear inspired clothing, so menswear inspired accessories are A+ in my book.