January 9, 2012

Strawberry Cake

I've never baked a cake before, but I told myself I'd test out a recipe this year. Stumbling across this strawberry cake on the Cutest Food blog has inspired me to do so. I'm not sure what to try out first though since I'm not much of a cake person. Do you have any recommendations? I'd love to hear it!


Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

What a rad blog, hadn't seen that yet!

Amber said...

holy bonkers that is cute. reminds me of my 80s crush miss strawberry shortcake.

kaye i. said...

Too beautiful to eat. I bake cake, but I rarely make it from scratch. I made a brigadeiro cake once... using boxed cake mix. Shame on me... still good though but not as good as from scratch, of course.

Sam said...

I found an earl grey tea cake recipe that's so simple but looks and tastes really good (if you like earl grey that is). Otherwise you can find a ton of good recipes on All Recipes (.com) that users rate and adjust that are pretty foolproof as well.


Hanananah said...

This is adorable! Right I am set on baking this!!!!!!


The lost girls said...

I want to make this cake! but you should try making a basic cake, like vanilla. and you could try making like a lemon cake or something, that sounds good. or together! lemon vanilla! okay i'm giving no good help to you! i just want to eat cake now.