March 13, 2012

House of Hackney for Opening Ceremony

Have you heard of House of Hackney? I certainly didn't until I saw this collaboration with Opening Ceremony. I did some quick research and discovered that House of Hackney is a luxury wallpaper, bed linen, and home furnishings company based in England. They update tradition with bold, unconventional prints while still maintaining elements inspired by the Victorian era. After checking out some of their designs, there's no wonder why Opening Ceremony wouldn't collaborate with House of Hackney. Do you see that gradient effect? I'm loving that detail so much. via Opening Ceremony.


Vivian said...

REALLY loving these!

Amber said...

No, I hadnt heard of them but I am loving these dresses.

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Alice said...

wow this is super neat...I like tapestry and wall paper prints in clothes haha