February 26, 2012

New Essie Color

I've been excited about my new Essie color called A Crewed Interest. I don't own any colors close to pink or nude and I thought this color was pretty much a combination of both for me. I kept my nails one color for a day and I then couldn't help, but add white polka dots the next. Don't know why I can't resist myself from doing polka dots all the time. I think it's because I don't wear patterns too often, so adding some design on my nails makes me seem less boring when I eat prunes and watch 20/20 on a Friday night.

Bright Green Ombré Hair

The dip-dyed hair trend seems to be everywhere now, but I think this lovely lady is refreshing to see with her color choice and shorter hair length. I am definitely jotting this one down for the future. via I Want You To Know